Specialists in helping companies show the financial impact their solutions have
on a customer’s bottom line.

Prove Your Solutions Have an ROI

Companies interested in illustrating how their solution has quantitatively impacted their customer’s business turn to Case Study Forum (CSF) to write their customer success stories.

Each customer story includes a business case detailing the financial benefits the customer achieved from deploying the solution. To determine the financial return, we work collaboratively with your customer, utilizing an exclusive process to measure and calculate the business outcomes, whether or not the customer has done any analysis on its own.

Both the customer story and the calculated financial results are presented as a CSF-authored ROI Case Study. Validating your solution’s ROI through these case studies will shorten sales cycles, increase close rates, and provide a real competitive differentiation.

    ROI Case Studies
A customer success story that focuses on how the solution impacts the customer’s business in direct financial terms: emphasizing quantitative benefits, presenting ROI results, and proving your value proposition... See examples
    ROI White Papers
In an ROI White Paper, your solution’s complete value proposition and full range of benefits, along with a series of comprehensive ROI analyses, are highlighted through multiple customer scenario presentations... See examples
    ROI Calculators
An interactive tool (Flash, HTML or Apple App) custom designed around your solution and quantitative value proposition; used to show prospects the financial results they would realize from deploying your solution... See examples
    Recently Completed Projects:

    Case Study
Austin Diagnostic Clinic Recovers Underpayments, Improves Contract Modeling, Gains $340,000 in Benefits with Ingenix Contract Manager

  Case Study
Police Department Reduces Crime, Improves Efficiency, and Gains $7.8 Million in Net Benefits with Law Enforcement Analytics

  White Paper
Financial Benefits of Quantum’s Integrated Enterprise Solution for Data Management and Archiving

Pharmaceutical Testing - Comparing the Financial Benefits of One Approach Over Another for Identifying Bacteria and Fungi

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